M A D A M E ‘ S    S I S S I E S  

Unlike a lot of Mistresses I actually love meeting a slutty sissy, CD, TS or TV for sessions.  There is ultimately something very erotic about watching the transformation from a humble man into a saucy sissy!

I have a selection of sissy clothing that can be used but do think it is more fun if the sissy brings her own clothes as they tend to know what they want to look like.  After a make over I would then begin the sissy training, teaching the new slut how to worship her Superiors usually aided by My trusted strap-on, floggers, restraints and toys (or a willing bi slave!)  Click here to see My Fees.

I will also oblige the new sissy with some private photos that she can take with her to remind her of her experience!

It goes without saying that these sessions are discreet and held in the strictest of confidence, however, some sissies do enjoy being a little extroverted:

madame@madamelunauk.com   07504 207435

If you are interested in a Sissy Session you can email or call Me.

On the very odd occasion I have even enjoyed My sissies in sessions with other slaves.  If you enjoy the idea of pleasing Me by performing with another slave this can certainly be arranged (with notice).  Imagine how content you would be by doing everything I instruct you to do, on your knees, dressed like a slut as you become My personal sissy whore for the session!  

You can even watch one of My Filmed Sissy Sessions to see what I might expect from you!

For those that are open to the idea of sissification but cannot make a real-time session I do offer Email Sissification.  This is similar to My Email Domination but caters more to the wannabe sissies, rather than the slaves.

The sissy tasks are sent out every morning with a deadline of midnight to be completed.  The fee is £1 per day for Email Sissification (for a minimum of five days, Monday - Friday)

If you wish to try this you can email Me.

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