M A D A M E ‘ S   O N L I N E   T A S K S

For those that cannot make a Real Time Session I also offer Online Sessions.  These include Webcam (one-way or two-way), Phone and Distance Training (Email Domination and Video Email Domination).  I offer a variety of Tasks and Challenges including My famous Web Cam Challenge!  I also offer Blackmail Contracts.

You can pre-book Webcam, Phone, Instant Message (IM) and Email Domination from this site using Amazon Gift Cards.  Email Me to arrange a time for the Online Session when you book.

Webcam Domination

Whereas I offer cam2cam Web Sessions on Adultwork I can also use Yahoo Messenger to Dominate you with booked online sessions.  I appreciate that there are people out there who prefer the anonymity of no-cam instant messaging so I also offer IM Domination (instant messaging only).

Telephone Domination

I know a lot of you beg to hear My voice and I do enjoy the DirectChat sessions on Adultwork but I am also now offering Telephone Domination from here.

Contact Me by email to request any of these Tasks, you may even have the honour of being displayed here:

madame@madamelunauk.com   07504 207435


10 mins

20 mins

30 mins

40 mins

50 mins

60 mins
















5 mins

10 mins

15 mins

20 mins

25 mins

30 mins








Contact Me by email to request any of these Tasks.

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